Casting Design
Hamlin's exceptional capabilities in high quality casting design meet every unique need. Our highly qualified shops turn out master and production patterns for all individual needs. In addition, we lend our expertise in casting design wherever it can yield savings in tooling or piece part prices.

Molding Department
Hamlin Casting purchased the first Hunter automatic molding machine for use in a non-ferrous foundry, destined to become the industry's high-production standard. Today our molding department relies on four high-speed Hunters with capacities of up to 20x24 flask size. These, along with a jolt squeezer, two-man match plate, and cope and drag (up to 28x34 flask size) combine to make Hamlin Casting fast, efficient and versatile.

Fully automatic servicing of molding machines includes an enclosed sand system. The system features a 150-ton capacity, three screening systems, five blending and aerating units, one mulling unit and automatic moisture control. State-of-the-art synchronized components assure fail-safe operation.

Core Room
Hamlin Castings versatile equipment turns out a wide range of cores – from minuscule to over 40 pounds. The core room is equipped with one manual, one semi-automatic, and two automatic shell core blowers along with CO2 core equipment. The main production machine can automatically blow and cure up to six different multi-cavity core boxes at the same time.

Mold Handling, Pouring and Shake-Out
A continuous, 160 foot-long loop conveyor travels over 360 feet of monorail to transport finished molds into the metal pouring area. Here the proper alloy is poured from one of our four reverberatory furnaces. Molds are then moved to a push-button, single-operator "shake-out" unit where casting are separated and placed into hoppers.

Machine Shop
With an emphasis on precision and details, our equipment permits Hamlin Casting to machine a broad range of castings to precise specifications. To better serve our customers, we rely on turret and production lathes, milling machines, precision surface grinders, and multiple drill and tap units.

Cleaning Room
Forklifts transport the castings in self-dumping hoppers from various production stages to feeder hoppers in our 18 cleaning stations. Aluminum-shot blasting is handled in a bulk-load unit, or a spinner-hanger unit for fragile castings.

Final Inspection and Shipping
Meticulous inspections assure maximum results for our customers all along the line. Castings are carefully packed, palletized for secure transport.

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